Through the Fire and Flames…Editor Style

“Being an Editor is hard.” Immense understatement right? I learned this the hard way this past week after being named Publications Secretary for my dormitory association. The task of founding, designing, writing, printing, and distributing a newsletter for the dorm to coincide with one of our major events of the year, Korean Night, was my responsibility. The plan is for the newsletter to be published once a month. This month, however, I was given about 7 days.

What a 7 days it was! I spent several unsuccessful hours trying to install different page design programs onto my computer. Then there were the hours spent coming up with a general design. Then there was the writing. And more writing. And more writing, because I was essentially a one man writing staff.

Then there was the waiting for people to turn in their bios and photos so I could design their pages. That was the worst. To all my former editors: I’m sorry for ever turning things in late. I now know your pain.

Of course, there was the final 24-hour crunch, where I worked until 5 AM on final touches, then woke up at 7:30 AM to keep working.

Finally, it is done. All that is left is to print and make copies. And thus, my first experience as an Editor is complete…until next month. 😐


3 responses to “Through the Fire and Flames…Editor Style

  1. Woo! Good job!
    Now all you need is a staff.

  2. This is so funny. So glad I was on video.

  3. this throws me back to the mess days… we do it cause we love it though. holding your own finished newspaper is so incredibly satisfying.

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