Radar Blip: Ghetto Blastin’ Jeepney

For you non-Pinoys out there, this is a Jeepney:

(Picture from Bohol.ph)

The original Jeepneys were actually old U.S. military vehicles left over from World War II, modified to carry 10-20 passengers in the back. Jeeps run on fixed routes, like buses, but will stop to pick up/drop off passenger at places that are not designated stops. Over the years, the colorful, often flamboyant Jeep became the most popular, and distinctly Filipino, mode of public transportation.

Because of its large size, the University of the Philippines – Diliman actually has several Jeepney routes that take students to different parts of the campus. I generally ride the Jeep on Tuesday/Thursday, to get to my afternoon math class all the way on the edge of the campus.

The other day, the Jeep I took to math class was outfitted with an epic sound system. The custom subwoofers emitted a deep, crisp bass sound, and it seemed like the driver had the volume set at level 11 out of 10. Towards the end of the ride, the driver started bumpin’ the new joint from Slim of 112 ft. Yung Joc – “So Fly,” which has a sick bass beat. Before I knew it, I was bobbin’ my head up and down to the beat, then I was rockin’ my whole body. Really, there is nothing better to get you energized for an hour and a half of college algebra than bumpin’ some pop hip-hop on a nice sound system.


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