Radar Blip: Fast Food Delivery

The Philippines is a very service-oriented place. I knew this before I arrived, but I never realized just how far that would go. Nothing is do it yourself here. Maids and drivers are common. Each brand of boxer shorts at a department store has its own sales representative. Gas is full service. But perhaps the coolest thing is that fast food places deliver. I’m not talking just Pizza Hut (which ironically is a mid-level bistro eatery here), but McDonalds (which only delivers in the Manhattan portion of NYC in the US), as well as Filipino favorites like Goldilocks, Jollibee, Chow King, etc. So if you ever get a craving for fast food, no need to leave your front door. Just call the McDo across the street and they’ll get you your Big Mac in about half an hour!


2 responses to “Radar Blip: Fast Food Delivery

  1. Man, if we did that in the US people would get so much fatter. At least now they have to burn calories walking to the car and driving to the fast food joint. Besides, I wouldn’t even use it; there’s nothing like driving through Jack in the Box at 1 in the morning with a carload of your friends.

  2. carver does not know what he is talking about. this is all i ever want! rels-i am incredibly jealous.

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